Friday, 23 October 2009

Temple Works Found

Group exhibition October 2009
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There was this TV show when we were little called Fraggle Rock. When the song came on we would dance. There were Fraggles and Doozers - the Fraggles just had a laugh and the Doozers spent all their time working. The Doozers made buildings out of clear plastic.

When I found the clear plastic pieces in the Work Study room (the study of effectiveness in the workplace) I was reminded of this world of workers and bosses and all things Marxist. I was in a hard hat (like a Doozer) in a factory (like a Doozer) being told what to do (like a Doozer) with this clear material ( like a Doozer) but yet I wanted to have fun (like a Fraggle) and I wanted to play (like a Fraggle) and I was enjoying myself (like a Fraggle). It was a strange place to be. I
felt that the only thing I could do was be a Fraggle playing a Doozer. The result of my playing was a maze for a rubber stegosaurus I found earlier.

The second thing I made happened when I went into the office. In the drawers I found headache tablets, a plaster, a sewing kit, a birthday card, a cassette tape, a nail file, some doodling and a few other personal effects. Of all the other trash lying around these small personal effects were
evidence of the people who worked there every day. I wanted to archive these objects because the were so personal. Using paper from the same office to make paper pulp I fossilised these objects to preserve them and keep them in acknowledgement of the people who spent every day at the factory.

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