Friday, 15 August 2008

Gleichzeitig 2

Performance installation at Yorkshire Dance (Leeds) by Kathinka Walter. It is based on the idea of her previous work "gleichzeitig" , but this time it involves different artists from various art forms (dancers, musicians, live artists and visual artists) and explores different methods of structured improvisation within this exciting interdisciplinary setting.

The performance was on the 14th August from 1-5 pm. The audience was invited to stay as long as they wanted or return as often as they liked to watch the performance develop.

This work explores the awareness of the linearity of time and focusses on the process of layering. It presents the linear phases of a process as non-linear layers within the performance and preserves their discrete quality so that they can still be perceived as separate elements.

"... I wonder, maybe, if time stacks vertically, and there is no past, present, future, only simultaneous layers of reality. We experience our own reality at a ground level. At a level, time would be elsewhere, we would be elsewhere in time."
(Jeanette Winterson)

performing artists:
- Chemaine Cooke (dancer)
- Vanessa Grasse (dancer)
- Marie Hallager Andersen (dancer)

- Sohail Khan (Performer and Live Artist)

- Richard Ormrod (musician)
- Yvonna Magda (musician)

- HB (visual artist)
- Rebecca Strain (visual artist)

- Philippa Thomas (filmmaker)

- Kathinka Walter (choreographer)

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