Friday, 8 February 2008


Reciept, 2007
Hammond's Cafe
collated reciepts and illustration in carbon on paper

I began accumulating my reciepts in March 2007 as a way of documenting my personal consumption of goods and services. As an artist I have worked with paper as a material, often using pulped paper to create sculpture and installation pieces. Through the process of papermaking the origin of the paper is often lost as it is destroyed to make a new material.

In this series of work I had become more interested in the value of paper. As I continued to collate and document I began to look more closely at my feelings at the point when ownership of goods was transfered and at whether those feelings reflected how the product was marketed. After paying and receiving a reciept I documented my immediate feeling as a word on the receipt.

Over six months I collected 57 receipts, not including the many bus and train tickets or items bought online. Of this collection I selected 16 receiptes that showed a range of experiences and strong feelings that relate to the point in time where I exchanged my money for goods and services which I may or may not have wanted or needed. I chose to present these in 'point of sale' Perspex displays enhanced by illustraions of my immediate feelings.

There are a few remaining pieces for sale

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